CDFR 426 Preparation Assignment

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CDFR 426 - Preparation Assignment #5

1. What percentage of nurses found it difficult to manage their parent education group?

It was discovered in the survey that 45% of nurses found it difficult to manage their parent education group.

2. Did nurses with greater years of experience report having an easier time managing their parent group? Explain the importance of this finding.

In the article it explained that just because nurses have more years of experience did not necessarily mean they were going to have an easier time managing their parent group. This finding shows that not every parent group going to be the same. Each group will have their own unique quirks which will make them easier or more difficult to manage.

3. What group
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How did technology impact the parent education groups?

Technology makes teaching parents very difficult. With all the information that is online parents read it and then ask questions about it to parent educators. Parent educators have to know what parents are talking about so they can give advice on the best course of action. This makes it so parent educators need to be up to date on all the new studies and information coming out.

5. Two interventions intended to assist nurses in their group leadership are highlighted. Which one were nurses more likely to use? Why do you think nurses chose one strategy over the other more often?
There were two types of interventions in this study the first intervention was a booklet provided by child health services on group leadership. The second intervention was a training session that was also accompanied with a training manual. Almost eighty percent of the nurses attended the training session. The nurses as I clearly stated earlier chose to take advantage of the training sessions over the booklet. I think they choose this method because it is more personalized giving them a hands on experience. Later the nurses can use the manuals given to them as a reference back to their training, to assess how to go about leading a

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