CEM Case Study: IKEA

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CEM Case study

This case study explores how IKEA’s strategy underpinned by its vision, values and mission focuses on growth in three main areas: quality products at low prices through its design processes, a sustainable future through its People and Planet Positive approach and how its co-workers are an essential part of this growth strategy.


Introduction: 3
Vision: 4
Values: 5
Mission: 6
Strategy: 7
Customer Service: 8
Customer’s feedback: 9
The IKEA concept center: 10
Shopping: 10
Supporting: 10
Learning: 10
Testing: 10
IKEA product range: 11
Democratic design: 11
Form follows function: 11
Low prices with meaning: 11
IKEA retailing facts and figures: 12
Case study conclusion: 13


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To be so successful IKEA has developed over time, a well-planned global network manufacturing operation that distributes its products in a productive and efficient way.

IKEA achieves quality at affordable prices for its customers by building long-term supplier relationships, investing in highly automated production and by producing large volumes.

The IKEA vision goes beyond home furnishing products; it wants “to create a better every day for all people impacted by our business.” The drive and focus of the company is to offer inspirational, functional, affordable and sustainable products to as wide a range of consumers as possible. This drive and focus is in line with its values and
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Low prices with meaning:
Low prices are only valuable if they offer good function, quality and design. IKEA product development teams constantly ask themselves – does this product contribute to a better everyday life? Does it have a good, sustainable design? Is the function and quality suited for everyday life? And most crucial – is the price low enough to make this product accessible to many, not just the few?

IKEA retailing facts and figures:

As a result of having the IKEA concept center, todays IKEA publically announced about its retailing facts and figures to show how success they’re and why such centers is required to improve the business, extend the profit and meet customers’ requirements:

Each year we compile figures to give a picture of the business year for IKEA retailing worldwide.
Below Facts & Figures for business year 2014 (1 September 2013-31 August 2014)

Case study conclusion:

• IKEA is a long established company which has maintained the IKEA Concept from its original foundations.
• The IKEA Concept exists in every part of the company, from design, sourcing, packing and distributing through to the IKEA business

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