CEN Solutions Mission Statement

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xecutive Summary

CEN Solutions is a strategic planning firm. Our company is a partnership that has been in existence for the past decade. Carolyn Hampton is our marketing wiz; Erica Berkley, is able to spot internal operational needs; and Nicole Shannon looks at the current financial status of a business. Our goal is to work with an existing company that is looking to expand their business or that is trying to gain focus in order to grow. Our business does this by creating a SWOT Analysis. This way we are able to analyze the business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We next look at the operations, the financials and marketing plan to see where the company is exceling and where they are struggling. We provide
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CanGo has yet to provide their company with a mission, vision, or values statement. Why is this so important? A mission statement will serve as a filter as to what is important to CanGo. It will show what type of market your business will be serving. Lastly it will show the direction of your business. The Vision Statement shows how CanGo will outline and chart their mid/long terms goals. It is a way to give a new company such as yours guidance when it comes to expanding your business. The Value statement informs your staff and consumers what the top priorities and core beliefs of CanGo are. You are able connect with a target consumer audience, and it is a constant reminder to your staff what the priorities and goals of CanGo…show more content…
As of right now there is a gap, and important information is getting lost in translation due to the lack of proper communication. This is happening within both your oral and written communication. Why is communication important? You are able to develop not only the workforce, but it will also strengthen customer, vendors, and business partners relationships. You are able to break down barriers, because it promotes diversity within the organizations. It builds more efficient manager and employee team when it comes to projects. The employees understand the roles that they play within the organization. Managers are better equipped to correct their staff without the feeling of hostility. This will create a higher moral among employees, thus making the work environment more healthy and positive. We at CEN Solutions suggest that you create an organization flow chart to improve your communication process. This chart will begin to close the communication gap; promote healthy chain of command that the employees can look up to; and provide higher accountability when
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