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Recently on the post-surgical unit at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas (CMCD), the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAPHS) scores have declined. It was noted that scores for nurse attentiveness to patient requests and responsiveness to call lights dropped, with an overall decrease in patient satisfaction scores. After careful review of the literature, CMCD plans to implement hourly rounding on the post-surgical unit. Current practice on the post-surgical unit at CMCD is for nurses to check on their patients every two hours.
Ethical Dilemma
Nurses make a moral commitment to care for all patients and take responsibility for the healthcare environment they work in. In the acute care setting, the bedside nurse plays an important role in improving patient satisfaction and maintaining a safe environment. Currently, patient satisfaction during hospitalization is measured by data collected from the HCAHPS
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An interdisciplinary team consisting of members from different areas of the hospital will come together to plan, design, execute, and evaluate this project. This particular model emphasizes the organizational process (Dontje, 2008). In order to use this model, staff will need to identify the clinical problem, form a mentor team, research and grade the current evidence, develop and implement an evidence-based practice standard, and evaluate the new practice (Dontje, 2008). The project will be implemented on the post-surgical unit at CMCD from May 2017 to November 2017. During this six-month time frame, data will be collected to evaluate the outcomes of hourly rounding. The main focus will be to measure HCAHPS scores regarding patient satisfaction and to measure daily call light usage to assess for an increase or decrease in frequency after implementation of hourly
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