CMIO Case Study

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A CMIO is a very high position, but it is not the highest position that a person can have. Many CMIOs desire to become a CIO in order to have more authority. Some start taking steps forward ahead of time. There are so called CIO Boot camps, that are designed to broader the management perspective of a person. With time a CMIO can become a CIO but also chief marketing officer (CMO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) or CQA. Sometimes this promotion happens within the same organization or it can be successful within another health system organization. There is becoming a bigger need for CMIOs within organizations. Hospitals and other health organizations require a person to lead and take accountability for business impact of clinical IT and to plan…show more content…
There is a need to complete the implementation of EHRs as part of the meaningful use. Clinician Informaticians are needed to help this transition. Clinician Informatician is an individual, physician or a nurse who has more expertise in the field of informatics and is the person to go to with questions. They integrate their knowledge and understanding of science of their clinical specialty with their knowledge of informatics. The integration of these two disciplines Clinical and Informatics, helps informaticians to provide the best quality care by integrating people with systems, processes and information technology. According to The Journal of Nursing Administration Informatics incorporates 1) data gathering, 2) data representation, 3) information management. Informaticians work closely with IT practitioners to integrate the workflow into the system design. Their contextual knowledge of the practice workflow, exploring of the advantages and disadvantages help the informaticians to create systems that are clear and help physicians make a decision. Informaticians can help rule out implications that might potentially create problems and they can recognize some tools, as being important to the clinical setting that the ITs might not
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