Rhetorical Analysis: CO150 College Composition

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For the past two months, it has been a great pleasure as well as a challenge taking this course on academic writing “CO150 College Composition “. Writing has always my biggest weakness in English and thanks to this course I have the chance and courage to encounter and to some extent, overcome it. After submitting my work on Project Two which include my annotated bibliography and argumentative essay on gender inequality in the workplace, I have received a rhetorical analysis from my classmate Nguyen Thanh Ha in which she give comments and evaluation on my Project Two. This has motivated me to take in to account all the implications of Ha’s rhetorical analysis and to examine the similarities and different between our understanding of my annotated…show more content…
She has showed a throughout understanding of my organization by pointing out my thesis statement on gender in equality in the workplace, she realized my four claims supporting the thesis statement and also the counter-argument, rebuttal that I included in my essay. By closely following the Toulmin argument model and reaching the required length 4 pages, she gave me 3 out of 3 for the category content, format and length. Unlike in the annotated bibliography, in the argumentative essay, I cited some sentences from the article directly without proper paraphrasing, possibly due to my hastiness when writing the essay. I accepted this as my faults and will definitely try to improve my paraphrasing skill, however, for each sentence cited I included a source in order not to be considered as plagiarism. In term of organization and coherence, as Ha commented I also believe that I managed to keep a good flow of idea and to keep all my ideas on topic. Normally, writing an essay of this length ( 1000-1500 words), I would unconsciously go off topic resulting in a misleading essay. Therefore, Ha’s confirmation of my coherence is really satisfying. Nevertheless, as Ha mentioned in her analysis, my use of linking words is mechanically and repetitive. This may be cause by my inflexibility in words choice and lack of time to carefully examine my essay since I started working on the essay quite late. Finally, Ha addressed her comments regarding my lexicon-grammatical structure. She writes “your sentences are quite short and lack variety in complexity”. I disagree because as I go through my work I can see that I have combined simple, compound and complex sentences with adequate variety resulting in clearly conveying my
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