COPD Case Study Essay

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Thank you very much for referring John along for further investigation of his shortness of breath on exertion and what sounds to be repeated exacerbations of COPD. As you are aware, he first noticed difficulties in 2001 when he had an acute episode of shortness of breath and cough whilst holidaying in Turkey and was hospitalised for this. He was not started on any active treatment at the time and symptoms did resolve themselves after a couple of weeks. Since then, he has had three to four of what he calls bad attacks whereby he has quite suddenly become very short of breath and wheezy. He has had no obvious trigger for these, but on one or two occasions it has been related to an upper respiratory tract infection. Alongside these attacks, he has had many episodes where he has become acutely short of breath, often with a trigger of perfume or smog. His baseline function has also deteriorated significantly, particularly over the last couple of years and he is becoming more short of breath in activities which he enjoys including golf. He is also noticing some intermittent breathlessness on his…show more content…
In order to further investigate the significance of this, I have organised some repeat lung function tests, where we will include a gas transfer factor, but also a HRCT scan of the chest. Alongside this, for symptoms, he will continue on with his Symbicort 400/12 one puff twice a day which he believes is helping quite a bit with his breathlessness. As you are aware, he has been intolerant of Spiriva in the past and therefore I think we will avoid the LAMAs at this stage. I also did enter into discussions of pulmonary rehabilitation which I think would be of good benefit to John and we will rediscuss this at our next appointment when we follow-up on his CT scan and lung function
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