CRM Strategy And Competitive Advantage

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3.0 Findings This article aimed at determining components of CRM strategy and its effects to competitive advantage achievement. The findings of this article highlight the effects of CRM on competitive advantage and the components of CRM strategies. The findings were synthesized and summarized from few previous researches’ results which studied the topic of CRM. There are few components of CRM such as the components of perception and customers’ separation, attracting and protecting customers being faithful (making loyalty), emphasis on quality, improving and specializing the relations with the customers (customization), complaint investigation, invest in internal people, and relationship-based interfaces (Mehrdad & Hallaj, 2011; Aihie & Az-Eddine,…show more content…
The components of CRM strategy have significant relationship with competitive advantage as it helps CRM strategy to increase competitive advantage. There are effects of CRM strategy on competitive advantage which includes the area of competitive advantage include customer loyalty, customers’ confidence in the products, good company image, repurchases, company’s innovation, good relationship with customers, customers’ good view in general, and long-term sustainable profitability (Aihie & Az-Eddine,…show more content…
Internal relationships are also important besides of external relationships. A mandatory program of training should be carried out for all employees to train them about the way of building good relationship with customers such as learn how to behave politely, how to communicate with customers, how to understand customers’ needs, and how to observe the attitude of customers. To prevent customers go toward other competitors, employees must always ready to help and provide the best service for customers in maintaining the good relationship with customers and improving the customer loyalty. To achieve competitive advantage, the component of relationship-based interfaces is used in implementing CRM strategy. Organization would observe the gap between what firms do, what they want to do, and what they should do and then grasp the opportunity to fill the gap by offering the exclusive products or service that are needed by customers but haven’t discovered by other competitors. This will increase customer’s satisfaction and good view that bring sustainable profitability to the

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