Essay On Secondary School Experience

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CA121 Task 1 Essay
Experiences at Secondary school in contrast with Tertiary level of Education

“College is a great experience and exposes you to a lot of things you might not otherwise learn or experience. You learn to evaluate things, think for yourself, and become a more independent person,” says Steven D. Woodhull on quote The experiences at the Divine Word University are far more different compared to Jubilee Catholic Secondary school. Divine Word is a level up. The level of teaching, learning, understanding, and the level of maturity is a step higher compared to secondary life.
Divine Word University and Secondary Schools uses different methods for learning. Divine Word University operates on a policy called ‘the paperless policy’ where assignments, notes and class activities are all done online through an e-learning program called Moodle. In comparison to secondary schools, everything is written
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Thanks to the staff members of the school, I am able to operate confidently using the internet and Moodle as all lecture notes, class activities and assignments are posted on Moodle for students to excess. Comparing to secondary schools where we had to copy from the board and into our exercise books. The academic criteria for assessments and the amount of time spent in class in secondary schools is different from University. Students at the secondary level are always under strict supervision while at the University students have access to a bit of freedom but are expected to behave maturely. Students who lived with their families and go to school as day students in secondary schools eat fresh and healthy food at home and have privacy to their own rooms, bathroom and toilet. Unfortunately, at the University students are expected to eat whatever is provided and have little privacy to
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