Cadmium Human Body

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Effect of cadmium on human body: Adverse Effect of cadmium on bone: Effect of toxic cadmium on bone became evident when the disease Itai-itai outbreak in Japan, with the consumption of heavily cadmium polluted rice it causes renal and skeletal damage in women (Kjellstrom 1992). It causes great threat to human health due to its long retention in kidneys (Jarup et al.1998). Low amount also effects the skeleton(Alfven et al.2004; Staessen et al.1999). Either it effects kidneys or bones is still unclear (Kjellstrom 1992). In comparision to cadmium, lead deposit in bones in replacement to calcium, and the skeleton consist of almost 90% of lead body (Berglund et al.2008; Nilssol et al.1991). the basic study was to check the interaction between…show more content…
According to early studies, it reveal association between maternal cadmium exposure from smoking and adverse pregnancy outcomes, the effect is that cigarette smoke contains more then three thousand including metal element cadmium, lead, nickel and cobalt. The result of the study by Nishijo et al.(2002), suggested that there is association between maternal cadmium exposure and adverse reproductive outcomes and to the effect of smoking. Preterm and cesarean section deliveries were occur four times more frequently in women with the high cadmium burdens (cadmium > to micro per gram creatinine) then with lower cadmium burdens (urinary cadmium < to micro per gram creatinine). While uishijo et al.(2002). Found inverse relation between urinary cadmium excretion and gestational age after adjustment for maternal age. The weight of infants in the high urinary cadmium group were significantly lower then infants with lower urinary cadmium. The smaller size of infants was associated to early delivery, possible induce by cadmium. No correlation was evident between maternal cadmium exposure and fetal development the British revealed in liver samples are collected at autopsy from 157 subjects, [ 1 day to 6 years of age showed that cadmium level in liver are less in neonates but high in older aged-children ] (Lyon et al. 2002) The negligible amount of cadmium level in neonate lever gives direct evidence that cadmium does not pass the hum placental barrier and finally the fetus get protected from cadmium exposure in uterus . Therefor, cadmium exposure in united kingdom(Lyon et al.2002) was significantly lower than as compared to japan ( Nishijo et
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