Caaylee Anthony Murder

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The murder of Caylee Anthony was a highly publicized murder. The body of Caylee Anthony was found dumped in a swampy wooded area not far from her home. All that was left of her body was the skeleton remains. When a body is dumped outside and left lifeless like that it will start to decay. The weather and how long the body has been there effects the condition the police find it in. The remains of Caylee Anthony were found 31 days after she was reported missing but after seeing what shape the body was in forensic scientists said the body may have been there for as long as 6 months. The body was so decomposed by the time it was found they could not determine a cause of death but they did rule it a homicide. They found that the body and bones of Caylee Anthony had been gnawed on by animals in the woods. The forensic scientists also said that the bones were…show more content…
Since they have proof they animals have come and gnawed on the body they should search for any evidence that could have been carried away by one of the animals. They could be looking for body parts of Caylee Anthony or clothing. Also it is important for them to try and find a point of entry. What I mean by that is where the person who dumped her body entered the woods and the path they took to get to where her body was left. By doing that they could possibly find traces of the person who did it. They should also try and figure out if the exit route and entry route the person took were the same. This is a very difficult case for Forensic scientists. There is a lot of evidence that has been tampered with by animals. A lot of the evidence has been washed away by nature and the weather. Also the body being out there so long and decomposing makes it hard for them to. Cases like this are never easy but they usually find enough evidence to figure out who committed the
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