Cabeza De Vaca Essay

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Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca survived by using the resources he had in order to thrive through the many difficulties he faced. He was very resourceful and helped others along the way. Ways he survived was using materials he found and also things he hunted, another way was he was a great communicator, and also he could heal injuries.Cabeza was a very clever and sharp-witted man who went through many catastrophes, but found his way through each and everyone. First of all, Cabeza used his resources very well. He used materials he had in range of where he was located and things he hunted in order to overcome thirst, periodic hunger, and the cold. On October 28th, De Vaca and his other raft survivors were suffering from thirst, they were struggling to maintain their strength. Cabeza being the intelligent man that he was, then fixed the issue by using an efficient hollow horse leg to store water inside. During the time Cabeza was a slave for…show more content…
In 1535 Cabeza performed the first surgery in history of North America. This brings it back to how Cabeza was an excellent communicator, he was able to interact with his injured patient. A man had an arrow through his right shoulder, and the point of the arrow rested over his heart. Once again Cabeza used the items the item he had in store to heal this man, he used a knife to take the arrow out and deer bones to give the man two stitches. Two days later after the operation, the injured man was now healed. After he had been healed, Cabeza earned an extravagant reputation throughout the land. In conclusion, Cabeza De Vaca survived by using the resources he had, an excellent communicator, and an upcoming surgeon. Not only did he survive, but he survived by using his strength and sharp-witted mind to overcome his difficulties. Cabeza was a great leader and mentor to the men he led. He was in many complications but untied the knot in each and every one of
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