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Career As Cabin Crew & Flight Steward: What do you think when you see a flying plane in the sky? Don't you get excited to be on a plane? If yes, then you must have thought to make a career in the aviation industry. Don't worry if you are not eligible to fly a plane you still can fly with the plane as a member of it. One can make a Career As Cabin Crew & Flight Steward. The term Flight Steward is used for male professionals it is equivalent to Air Hostess. There is a misconception that boys are not preferred as an Ait Host. However, this is just a stereotype. Boys are equally prepared for teh job. Let's check more about Career As Cabin Crew & Flight Steward.

Career As Cabin Crew & Flight Steward
Cabin Crew or Flight Attendants ( also known
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Salary and Working Hours
A flight steward can earn between Rs. 3 lakh to 5 lakh in the beginning. The salary package in public sector is less than the private sector. With the experience and skills, flight attendants can earn somewhere in between7 lakh to 8 lakh in private sector. The cabin crew working with international airlines can earn between 10 lakh to 12 lakh. Also, check Career In Journalism.

Working Hours:

There is no fix time schedule for a flight steward. A flight steward usually works all the time in a day or night. In a week a flight steward might work for 48 to 55 hours. They also have an option to do overtime.

Job Prospectus for a Flight Steward
There are options for both public and private sector depending upon the individuals' priorities. Both the sectors have their own recruitment policies. Also, check BBA Courses Details.

A flight steward can find a job in any of the following working areas:

Government Airlines (Domestic and International);
Private Airlines (Domestic and International)
Airport Ground Staff.
Career As Cabin Crew & Flight Steward Top Recruiters
Top recruiters in this fields are as follows:

Air India;
Air Asia;
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