Cacao Show Case Study

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My understanding of business model is a description what a company does to make values for customers and to get money from customers. 2. Analyze the business model of Cacao Show: • Complete an Osterwalder ( business model canvas of Cacao Show • Complete an Ash Maurya ( business model canvas • Describe the concept The concept of Cacao Show is to deliver high-quality products with affordable price. They have created a new position in the market. • Define the problem(s) being solved. The problem chocolate market in Brazil was there was no product between expensive high quality chocolate and cheap mass-market chocolate. Cacao Show delivers high quality chocolate with achievable price to the…show more content…
The primary target customers are people in the middle class. They used to buy cheap mass-market chocolates but desire to buy good quality chocolate. Thanks to the economic growth, there are 86 million are in the middle class in Brazil. • What “job” are the primary targets trying to accomplish Although Cacau Show has variety of products, their main product is truffle which is sold for US$0.57. Thus, it can be analyzed that customers buy Cacau Show’s products to enjoy by themselves at home. • What is the value proposition (and to who?) The value proposition of Cacau Show is that they can provide high quality chocolate to middle class customers with affordable price. Consumers do not have to hesitate to pay high price to have high quality chocolate and to compromise for cheap mass-market chocolate. • Complex, volume or hybrid business model (according to G. Moore’s model)? Cacao Show is taking volume-operation model. They sell chocolate to the masses and consumers spend a relatively small amount of money. • What is the profit model of the business? A franchise system is the profit model of the business. Cacau Show can develop their distribution channel while they keep the profit
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