Cadbury Advertising Advantages And Disadvantages

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UK’s Cadbury is confectionary company owned by Kraft foods. It captures 30% (2010) of total chocolate market (£3.6b in 2010) in UK ahead of its close competitors Mars and Nestle. It has an advantage of having more than 100 years legacy of producing chocolates and consumer awareness about the brand. This adds up in the strengths of the company over its competitors. The company may have potential threats posed by the existing competitors in the market, or higher production costs etc.. Further, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate enjoys tremendous customer base having retail sales volume equal to £370m. To reinvigorate the brand, a promotional campaign was initiated under the theme “Get the Love Back”. The company indeed wanted
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In addition, the company’s objective of the campaign is to connect with its potential customers and bring back the love.
Q2. Cadbury have relied very heavily on TV advertising for their ‘A Glass and a Half Full Productions’ advertisements. Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising.
• The glamour of media associated with a TV commercial makes it appealing and attractive method.
• TV has the ability to air message to audiences with motion, color, sight and sound.
• TV has the power to engage people emotions and empathy and audience can get influenced by the strong content of the advertisement.
• You can easily reach targeted audiences like children during cartoons or women during food programs etc.
• In comparison to the print media Television reaches very large and diversified audiences in a short period of time.
• Relatively expensive and complicated than other platforms for small advertiser.
• Commercial breaks seemingly become engaging and boring and escape the sight of audience if not intrusive.
• Showing ad once on TV does not ensure its reach to the targeted audience. It requires more air time during peak hours and involves additional

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