Cadbury Case Study

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Field study for “Channel Management in Unorganized and Modern Trade” for Cadbury India Marketing Management A complete study to understand channel management principles/dynamics in FMCG or Durables in traditional channel and Modern Trade in Orissa region w.r.t. to Bhubaneswar and peripheral markets Group 8 Arjya Choudhury (UM14068) Shirsendu Chatterjee (UM14107) Shrikant Salke (UM14109) Soham Pradhan (UM14111) Tanuj Padhy (UM14118) Utkarsh Shrivastava (UM14119) INTRODUCTION A. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY PRIMARY OBJECTIVE Our primary objective is to perform a field study for “Channel Management in Unorganized and Modern Trade”. We have tried to understand the traditional and modern distribution channels of Cadbury’s in Odisha region, particularly with respect to Bhubaneswar. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES • Complete study at the Retailer/Sub-Dealer Level and Distributor level • Company’s sales mix at various levels • Comparison with Competitors’ pricing • Margins allowed at various levels B. COMPANY We have chosen Cadburys the company for our market study. C. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The most essential part of any research is its methodology. In our field study, we conducted primary research to analyze the market share and understand the distribution channel relationships. COLLECTION OF DATA Data collected is basically through primary source by interviewing and getting information from the company correspondent. D. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY • Research was restricted only

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