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Introduction: For this assignment, we have been asked to carry out a baked product analysis on a baked confectionary product of our choice. For this, I have chosen Cadbury mini rolls, milk chocolate with vanilla creme. I have enclosed a copy of the packaging. We have been asked to discuss six ingredients from the ingredient panel of the product under the following headings: 1. Ingredient source, processing/refining details 2. Characteristics of the ingredients 3. Function of the ingredient 4. Identify a replacement ingredient of similar quality and highlight the effects of this replacement ingredient on the baked product. In your work justify this ingredient replacement. The ingredients I have chosen are: 1. Cocoa 2. Sugar 3. Soya flour 4. Dried eggs 5. 6. Ingredient: Cocoa Ingredient source: The cacao tree Processing/ refining details: Cacao trees are grown on small plantations near the equator, or else they are grown in tropical rain forests. The cocoa pods grow off the limbs and trunks of the trees, when they are ripe, they are then harvested by hand by skilled workers who only select the ripest pods which contain the best flavour. Every cocoa pod contains an average of 20-40 beans, which are enclosed in a thin layer of fruit pulp which is…show more content…
The cocoa beans are hulled, and discarded, after this, the nibs from the cocoa bean are crushed, and they then get reduced to a thick mass known as chocolate liquor. This liquor contains all components of the bean: proteins, cocoa butter, and carbohydrates. During the manufacturing process of cocoa, this cocoa butter is pressed out using hydraulic presses. The remainder after hydraulic pressing there is a cake of the remaining material, which is then furthered processed into a cocoa powder. Due to the removal of the cocoa butter, the flavour of the cocoa increases in

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