Cadbury Chocolate Strategy

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Cadbury was started in 1824 when Johan Cadbury opened its first shop in Birmingham selling cocoas and chocolate.
Cadbury is the British company own by Mondelez international. Head Quarter of Cadbury is at London and operates in more than 50 countries all over the world.
Cadbury employs around 50,000 employs around the world .Every day thousands of people enjoys the brand every day.
Cadbury India Limited (CIL) as a part of the Cadbury Schweppes Group, is India is leading in confectionary manufacturer
Cadbury India started its operation in 1948 in India by importing chocolates. Cadbury India is operating mainly in 4 major category Beverages, chocolates, biscuits and candy. Cadbury is the leader in business of chocolates. Some of the key
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5. Folic Acid.
6. It also provides our body with Niacin, pyridoxine, Riboflavin, & Thiamin which is very essential for the proper working of our nervous system.

Why I prefer Bourn Vita?
Bourn vita is my favorite from childhood .Its taste was the major reason why I use to consume it. Different offers were also offered by Bourn vita like Watches, Chess game, etc. which attracted me most
Bourn vita has a great taste of chocolate .It has great nutrition value also as compared to other health drink. I was also impressed by its marketing strategy which was adopted by Cadbury Bourn vita.
Health has always been my first preference .When I decided to start consuming some health drink there were many option available in the market like Boost ,Bourn Vita , Complan and etc. but I Was really impressed by the taste of Bourn Vita and by different scheme of free items for children.
Sania Mirza is the Brand ambassador of Bourn Vita . I am the person who love playing tennis and Sania Mirza is my favorite tennis player .So this has also been on of the reason I was attracted towards buying Bourn Vita
Marketing Strategy of Cadbury Bourn vita
In 1970’s the tag line of bourn vita was “Goodness That Grow with
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Product- The powder of Bourn vita is Brown in colure so Bourn and It consist of vitamins so vita and hence the name Bourn vita.
Bourn Vita is one of the most loved chocolate drink in India and all over the world
Price- Cadbury Bourn vita did lot of market research before deciding the price of the product. It was found that Mothers or house wife prefer nutritional value than price of the product. Bourn vita is most expensive health drink in the market but still preferred by the people due to its taste and good nutritional value
Promotion- Bourn vita has always promoted itself by understanding the need of the customer. Due to its chocolate taste children preferred it,so to attract the children Bourn vita came with different gifts for the children like plastic mugs, chess games etc.
As a part of it promotion strategy Bourn vita Segmented its product in two Category .1) Bourn vita Lil Champ for children below five years 2) Bourn vita confidence for grown up
Place- India is a huge market for Bourn vita .Bourn vita is found in all the medical shops, super market and retail stores. Bourn vita has around 21000 distributers and 4, 50,000 Retailers. Bourn vita is consumed by nearly 65 million

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