Cadbury Marketing Strategy

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MARKETING STRATEGIES OF CADBURY (DAIRY MILK) INTRODUCTION The Cadbury merged with Schweppes in 1969 and adequate growth and development have led Cadbury Schweppes to take lead in both , the soft drink market as well as the confectionery and has hit the international market with much of potential to position itself amongst the customers from countless countries. Today the Cadbury Schweppes manufactures , markets and distributes its products in over 200 countries. The Cadbury has a fascinating story attached to it , it all started as a family business that grew at a tremendous pace , which is well known to its customers today. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY In order to study the marketing strategies of Cadbury the following mehods are demonstrated in the project: • SWOT analysis. • PEST analysis. • 5 P’s of modern marketing 1)PRODUCT. 2)PRICE. 3)PLACE (physical distribution). 4)PROMOTION. 5)POSITIONING. THE CADBURY PERIOD 1824: John Cadbury,in Bull street Birmingham , opened the business and became the foundation of Cadbury Ltd,now one of the world’s largest chocolate producer. 1831:in 1831 the business had changed from a grocery shop and john had become the manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa. 1861:John Cadbury resigned and handed over the business to his sons. 1879:business moved into greenfield site called Bourneville. 1905:Cadbury’s major success,one of its famous brands,DAIRY MILK chocolate was launched in 1905. SWOT ANALYSIS • Strengths 1)very strng brand

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