Cadbury Promotional Strategies

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Cadbury is an international company which is located in many countries like India, USA, Canada, New Zealand. ’.("Cadburys Introduction."). Cadbury is the second largest confectionery brand in the world.’("Cadbury Chocolate | Cadbury.Co.Uk"). It is one of the most popular brands of India, it is a benchmark for other competitors in India and is regarded as gold standard.’("Cadbury India"). The research question of this essay is “Evaluate the product and promotional strategies used by Cadbury over the years to maintain its market position in India?”.This essay will focus on how Cadbury is maintaining its market leader position over the years in India, through product and the promotional strategies that they use to promote their product. It will…show more content…
Promotion is a very underrated aspect to the holistic development of the brand, specifically in the case of Cadbury India, solemnly do we come across the impact that promotion has had over its sales, which is an implicit factor that needs more examination. Moreover, the promotional strategies of Cadbury are very unique, as it is very different from other chocolate brands, all reasons contribute to the effect of promotional impact on the sales of its products. As it was obvious that Cadbury is the market leader with regard to sales so it helped me to get more information from many…show more content…
Therefore, I will be stating Guerrilla marketing campaigns, and connecting it to sales of Cadbury.
The promotional mix: ‘The promotional mix refers to one of the marketing mix 4ps and consists of advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion.’("What Impact Does Promotional Mix Have On Your Marketing").The promotional mix is the both balance between below the line and above the line promotion methods used by firms to support its marketing goals. In the context of Cadbury India, I will be analyzing company’s promotional mix(product and promotion) and establish links with their sales. There are also other tools that are planned to use extensively in the essay, for example, SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, Porter’s 5 analysis. So, as theses tools will help in knowing the Strength, limitations and the kind(SWOT),) the market position of the Company’s products(BCG MATRIX),and will evaluate threat and impacts of other company’s(PORTER’S 5) also will show where the company stands and where does it need to improve in terms of Marketing in the context of

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