Cadbury Supply Chain Analysis

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Business planning, strategies, and management rely on various diverse segments and factors. But there is hardly any segment such as the supply chain that is so extensive, powerful, deep, and influencing like supply chain management. This is the reason why supply chain management has been an important topic for study and research throughout the centuries. From acquiring raw materials and stocking them up to producing excellent quality goods at a user-friendly rate -- supply chain consists of multiple dimensions. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that companies with different products and goals will try to capture the market by their own unique organizational structure. It would be relevant and appropriate to analyze and compare the supply chains…show more content…
They also conduct research to get an insight into the taste and preference of the consumers. Cadbury only uses fresh milk supplied by a number of trusted European dairy farms. The milk is homogenized and pasteurized in the processing units. Cocoa is obtained mainly from Ghana. The raw materials are processed through a number of stages. Taste and quality are checked and maintained throughout these stages by food experts. When everything is done, large blocks of chocolate are rolled and cut into small bars. The packaging is done by costly machines. Then the packaged pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk are sent to the warehouses so that they can be supplied to the distributors of every kind. Chocolate lovers can grab a bar of Dairy Milk from their nearest stores and…show more content…
They conduct market research at regular intervals to assess consumer expectations. Nowadays, most people like to own smartphones and gadgets that have an elegant look. The decision makers always keep this thing in mind. When all relevant data is collected, employees are asked about possible innovations or additions. Then the supreme decision makers viz board of directors, the chairman, technological experts, and other important executives thoroughly analyze the data to make a decision. After the production of the iPhones, the decision-making factor heavily relies on the distributors. Apple always tries to associate itself with reputed companies. Shipping companies like FedEx is associated with Apple for this reason. Financial factor is also crucial. The price is set by keeping the current trend in mind. The distributors are chosen on the basis of reliability and financial profits. The final decision is made according to the evaluation and outcome of the analyzes. Cadbury also takes help of the same kind of strategy. They also conduct regular market surveys on the consumer needs. Their prime focus is on the taste and preference of the consumers. They also heavily focus on possible ingredients that can be added to the existing

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