Cadbury's Advantages And Disadvantages

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ERP Advantages:
According to ( Goeun Seo,2013), the main advantages of ERP are :
(1) Improved information access for planning and managing the institution,
(2) lower business risks,
(3) Increased income and decreased expenses due to improved efficiency.
He ( Goeun Seo,2013), add the following advantage from his perspective:
1. Improve internal communications and self-service environment we can say that ERP system is one of midio communication it
2. Reduce manual processes and eliminate the need for backup or shadow systems.
3. Enhance strategic decision making and planning capabilities and support Developed data analyses for use in decision-making;
4. Create a more seamless integration between technology and education delivery by providing a single based on new technologies and also integrated workflow, industry best
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It is the second largest brand in the world after Wrigley 's.
Founder: John Cadbury in: 1824, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Currently, Cadbury India operates in more than four categories viz. Chocolate, Milk Food Drinks, Candy and Gum category. In the Chocolate Confectionery business, Cadbury has maintained its undisputed leadership over the years
ERP Implementation for Cadbury:
Cadbury turns out, in recent years, Kraft implemented SAP ERP 6.0 (System Analysis and Program Development) in what SAP called one of its largest global ERP implementations. Kraft credited ERP with reducing operational costs.
11,000 employees were sending data to the company 's SAP solution and it was linked to 1,750 applications by 2008. That same year, Kraft also added SAP 's master data management solution, with an eye toward integrating legacy systems.
Cadbury was left with a glut of chocolate products at the start of the year, after the installation of a new SAP-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system led to an excess of chocolate bars building up at the end of
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