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My research paper is based on the analysis of two characters on the CW show The 100. Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake are the only known pair of siblings on the ark for the past 97 years. I am analyzing the aspect that since they are siblings how that dynamic affects their personality and character growth from their life on the Ark to The Ground, also known as, Earth. My primary source of my research paper is the television show itself, which is not only premiered on live television but, on Netflix as well. There are two key scenes that explains the diversity of their relationship throughout the show. In Season 1, episode 6- the scene begins with Bellemy carrying Octavia on his shoulders and racing around their tight confinement of a room. Bellamy than is forced to hide Octavia into the hole under the floorboards so that her existence is not revealed (The 100, Episode 6). Throughout the scene he his hesitant in placing her into
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Once the ship lands onto the Ground, Bellamy appears and the siblings reunite after being separated for a year. It is later revealed that because Bellamy is not part of the 100 juveniles he had to force his way onto the ship just so he could protect Octavia on the Ground. When confronted by Octavia, Bellamy then reveals that he indeed shot the chancellor and shot a guard to pass as a guard and enter onto the drop ship (The 100, S1E1). I chose this scene because I find it compelling that even though Bellamy lost his mother-who was killed, his sister who was captured and placed into jail and then his guard position. He still was willingly to do whatever it took to protect his sister, and held no animosity towards her or his family in
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