Cadigal, Gweagal's Pre-1770: Water People

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In Pre-1770 The traditional owners of City of Rockdale belonged to the Cadigal, Gweagal and the Bidjigal tribes. Known as ‘Water People’, these tribes inhabited the Bay area for thousands of years before white settlers arrive. (Rockdale City Council, n.d.) Cadigal – They spoke a common language called Darug and have become known as the ‘Eora’ people. Eora means ‘people’ or ‘of this place’. They originally inhabited the area which they called Cadi. They were dependent on the harbor for providing their food. There was an estimate of 50-80 Cadigals. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Gweagal – They were seen by settlers to be naked but with minimal clothing such as a woven hair sash which was used to carry tools and weapons. They wore resin in the hair

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