Cadmium Research Paper

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Cadmium is a probably hazardous and non essential heavy metal. Its accumulation has toxicity and adverse effect to aquatic organisms in a small amount of concentration also affect the ecosystem that’s why it is most toxic element in the environment it is reported by Arno,,Audryas, (2004), Chrastny, (2006) and Kiran, (2006). Cadmium is interfering with biological functions like osmoregulation, growth, reproduction and stress in fish. It causes significant metabolic alterations and injuries to biological system. Pratap and Bonga, (1990).It resulting an increase of cadmium deposit in tissues of aquatic organisms in food chain and it is major ecological concern because of its ability to accumulate quickly but excretion…show more content…
Zinc accumulates all parts of kidney but mostly in distal tubules at the site of its filtration. Woodling, (2001).Zinc cytotoxicity is related to prevention of RNA and DNA synthesis which
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Rajkumar, (2003). Discharge of the domestic waste and surface runoff from field and surrounding areas in rainy season water content sulphates. In natural water sulphate is present but its percentage is increased due to the industrial water containing sulphuric acid , aluminum sulphate and bisulphate’s which is used for the process of purification, high concentration of sulphate present in drainage water it may cause laxative effect and diarrhea. Guru Prasad (2003). Sulphate is one of the toxic anion. It is mainly occur due to industrial discharge. Farid, reported sulphate level in water is ranged between 241 to 570 mg/lit. He stated that the value is above critical level and causes diseases like dehydration, gastrointestinal irritation, diarrhea, catharsis etc. Same suggestion stated by Shakirullah et al., (2005) and Guru Prasad (2003b). Water having sulphate level less than 200 mg/lit is excellent for irrigation. Rajkumar, (2003b). As per this statement value of sulphate in present study are very high can be affected and not good for irrigation. Jayalakshmi, (2011e). Reported sulphate value ranged between 11.23 to 30.6 mg/lit in waste water as compare to this value our investigate values are very high. In our investigation values ranging between 900 to 1250 mg/lit. Which is very dangerous for living organism and not good for irrigation but still this sewage

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