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Abstract: Cadmium is very toxic metal for living organisms. It has adverse effects on living organisms mostly is disturb the activities for cells, tissues, and metabolic process of living organisms. Its major source is food such as plant based food, meat, cereals, fish, shellfish etc. It has toxic effects on brain, bone, digestive system, cardiovascular system and DNA. It cause severe acute and chronic toxicity. Human exposure occur ten to fifty present through inhalation and ingestion by absorbing cadmium dust particles, toxicity depend on particles size. Epidemiological studies shown that cadmium has negative effect on blood pressure. Antioxidants like vitamin A,C and E are benefits for cadmium intoxication. Combination of antioxidants is useful for the treatment of toxicity from cadmium in intestine. INTRODUCTION: Cadmium is very toxic heavy metal and have adverse effect on human body it disturb enzymatic activities of cell , tissues and metabolic processes of human body(Irfan et al., 2013).it was first discovered in 1817. It is noncorrosive so it is use in electroplating and use…show more content…
Genetic changes in DNA like inhibition ,up and down regulation, transcription mainly in S1 segment in kidney tubules [18]. Other affects include restriction of red blood synthesis [22] interfere with cell organelles functions and started cell death [23].Cadmium cause the structural changes in protein molecule by binding with the sulfer containing group of protein [24]. GIT absorption of Cd is approximately 5 to 8 percent. Minerals deficiencies mainly calcium and iron and macronutrients deficiencies mainly protein cause increase in Cd retention in human body .female have more blood Cd level then in males because of low iron level in women then in men .females with low iron storage in body have double the absorption of this metal. (Flanagan et al., 1978; Berglund et al.,

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