Cady Stanton And Maya Angelou Analysis

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Cady Stanton and Maya Angelou “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way” (John C. Maxwell). Cady Stanton who wrote Declaration of Sentiments and Maya Angelou who wrote On the Pulse of the Morning are two different people; one is fighting for rights people need, while the other one is alive and wants people to enjoy life. They talk about separate ideas, and they also discuss what people need versus how they need to enjoy life. Angelou and Stanton are different in their beliefs; Stanton fought for women's rights, and Angelou wanted people to know how beautiful one’s life can be. Doctor Maya Angelou and Cady Stanton used freedom in different ways; Angelou wanted everybody to enjoy life and the freedom of life. Angelou exclaimed, “... you who gave me my first name” (56). The quote was an example of how wonderful life is and she hoped that readers would enjoy it. On the other hand, Stanton thought that women should have the same rights as men. Stanton’s point of view was like she was fed up of having no freedoms and not being equal. She emphasized this by saying, “women do feel aggrieved... of most sacred rights”…show more content…
Angelou uses achievement in the poem, saying people all have rock, rivers, and trees in their lives, and that affects people on how they make decisions and how they turn out. She says “Good morning” (Angelou 106). This idea means that people have a new day to do whatever they want, and they can achieve anything they desire. To put it another way, Cady Stanton was the complete opposite from Angelou; She was talking about rights women should have , also how men have affected that. A good quote to explain this is, “Man has made a women an irresponsible moral being” (Stanton 113). This is why Angelou and Stanton are so different. One states how enjoy the life and love it, while the other one says we need our rights, and we want more for
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