Caesar And Brutus: A Tragic Hero

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Caesar and Brutus have a tragic flaw that causes them to collapse in all directions, and die. However, Brutus fits the definition of a more tragic hero than Caesar. Because of his personality, and his heart, he is a hero, and a good person. He is much better than Caesar. Brutus’ only flaw is innocence, so that he believes in others, it makes him suffer in his heart, and he could not forget for the rest of his life. Sometimes human life is like a game, only a mistake leads to many failures. Brutus is truly a hero, but he is a tragic hero, a very poor hero. Caesar and Brutus are both ambitious, Caesar wants power for himself, but Brutus want power for the best of Rome. One of the thing that makes Brutus fits the definition of a tragic hero more than Caesar is that he has a noble personality. Brutus is always afraids that Caesar will become a tyrant, and at that time, everyone will become slaves, who live in misery. So that he kills Caesar for the good of Rome, not to deceive Caesar, and everything he does is for the benefit of someone else, not for personal gain. “Not because I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more”(3.2.23-24).
About Caesar, he always acts like he is nice, but he is not. Caesar is actually not a hero, because he just thinks for himself, he never cares about the happiness of Romans. He is intelligent, clearly ,but ambitious, and prone to arrogance. Caesar refuses to listen to the soothsayer who warns him, and does not consider reading Artemidorus’
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