Caesar And Brutus Character Analysis

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After a Roman victory against Pompey, Marullus and Flavious discuss their dissatisfactions to citizens at the celebration. Julius Caesar, during the height of his rule, is greeted with a warning about the Ides of March from a soothsayer. Cassius and Brutus express their concerns with Caesar’s power and god-like praise and fear that he might seek to become king, thus overthrowing the Republic. Casca attempts to sway Brutus into a plot to kill Caesar. Being a trusted friend of Caesar, Brutus is hesitant on a plot against Caesar, though admits that he questions his motives and ability to lead Rome.
The conspirators meet one stormy night before the Ides of March and agree that they will need to support of Brutus to go fourth with their plans. In
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The crowd are on board until Marc Anthony speaks out in defense of Caesar, revealing Caesar’s will that granted part of his wealth to the Roman people. The crowd rallies against the conspirators and drive them out of Rome.
Brutus and Cassius retreat to Sardis and plan to fight together against a newly formed triumvirate between Marc Anthony, Octavius, and Lepidus. Brutus and Cassius have a personal quarrel after finding out that Cassius has been taking bribes. Brutus and Cassius reconcile, after Brutus tells Cassius that his wife Portia committed suicide following their retreat from Rome. The night before the battle, Brutus is visited by the ghost of Julius Caesar, who tells Brutus he will see him in Phillippi.
During the battle, Cassius hears that his best friend Titinius has been captured, which turns out to be a misunderstanding. Still thinkng he will die anyway, Cassius orders his servant to kill him. Titinius returns and finds Cassius’s corpse and commits suicide. Brutus wins the battle that day, but loses the next day and kills himself by running into his own sword. In the end Marc Anthony proclaims Brutus to be the noblest Roman, because he was the only conspirator who acted for the good of
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