Caesar Barber Case Study

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Mc’Donalds more like Mc’Barbers

Caesar Barber has taken the fast out of fast food.Barber bled a big bad blue bruise full of burden.Caesar Barber, 56 seems to be your standard New york businessman but, did you know that this guy goes to a fastfood restaurant 4-5 times a week. Short while after consuming a McDonald 's big mac he had a heart attack. Before this heart attack he ate an amount of 100 pounds going to 300 pounds in total.Instead of going to a perfectly trained doctor he decides that it would be much more amusing, by suing the fast food restaurants. When the doctors told him to go on a diet the way that he reacted wasn’t the same. He decided that he would sue the Fast Food restaurants that he ate at, with a compelling argument of” I thought that this was good for you, because I was told that this was 100% real beef.” One or another Caesar, has responsibility to take care of himself.

Smart or not, Caesar should know what is good for you and what isn’t. He should also know not to sue things for such silly reasons. It isn’t the fault of the fast food restaurants for his obese problems. He chose to use all of his money on K.F.C, Burger King and McDonald 's.Caesar is like a teacher with no knowledge. When he is at Mc’Donalds to decide what he wants to look at the Nutrition Facts, all he can see is the
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When he came for his first meal he came for another, and another, and also another meal. He said “That the food is addictive like cigarettes.” I believe that there is no tobacco in a Big Mac.So, you know how there are 365 day in an average normal year, well Caesar goes to a fast food restaurant 4-5 times a week. So he spends an average amount of 1,825$ a year, going to a Fast Food restaurant. Does he know how bad it is for your heart, did you learn your lesson from the heart attack? Apparently not, because he only has the time to see the there is only 100% beef in the foods that he
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