Caesar Barber Informative Speech

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Bi Bi Bi Big mac! Try it now for 4.99. Rilly Mic Donnels uhgggggg. Now Burger King too? this is a nightmare! Fast food is good in all but this is absurd, this is also absurd too. Let me tell you a story real quick... caesar barber is a man who loves fast food he ate at Mcdonalds Burger King and kfc and subway 4 to 5 times a week! This lead to him getting over weight he soon came to be 300 pounds! Ges, If that is not bad here this. His doctor told him to lose 100 pounds so instead of doing that he sued the fast food restaurants. True story so if you will indulge will me I will tell you why barber has wrecked his own life.

As I had said before he sued the fast food chain restaurants for ¨HIS¨ eating habit.

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