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“Et tu, Brute?” Caesar uttered his last words as he witnesses Brutus stab him, “Then fall Caesar!” Brutus was that of the most trusted of Caesar. He was persuaded into political extremism which pushed him to conspire with envious senators and ultimately, participate in the brutal assassination of Caesar, who was ruthlessly stabbed 33 times, so he could become active ruler in Rome in the works of William Shakespeare derived from the play Julius Caesar. With what is being claimed, Brutus couldn’t possibly have been a honest man but a traitor. Brutus was coerced into believing Caesar was the enemy and Cassius played on his underlying beliefs. Brutus was already having problems within and seemed to be brooding. Cassius took it upon himself prey…show more content…
Caesar even refused the crown three times when it was offered upon him, but we are told about this by the unreliable conspirator Casca. (1.2.245-261) We know that Caesar had full confidence in Brutus because of his shocked, dying words,”Et tu, Brutè?—Then fall, Caesar.” (3.1.85) It implies that Caesar is content with falling if one of his most noble associates and well loved friend, Brutus, would forsake him. Caesar was also stabbed 33 times. (5.1.54) When someone is stabbed that many times it is very personal. It is said that Brutus wanted to make the death look honorable on his part, but 33 wounds is bloody, disgraceful, and ignominious. A clean death with the edge of one sword would suffice but he was stabbed many…show more content…
However some may postulate that Brutus was a noble man in killing Caesar and “saving” Rome. After all Caesar was becoming an overeager tyrant that wanted to take over Rome. Brutus was benevolent in saving the republic rather than let a ruthless tyrant rule Rome. This argument fails to consider that Caesar “hath brought many captives home to Rome whose ransoms did the general coffers fill.”(5.1.87-88) Caesar sympathized with the poor: “When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept” (3.2.88). Caesar had even bestowed a sum of money from his personal holdings upon every man in Rome. (3.3.33-34) “Moreover, he hath left you all his walks,His private arbors and new-planted orchards, On this side Tiber. He hath left them you and to your heirs forever—common pleasures,To walk abroad and recreate yourselves.” (3.2.238-241) A man such as Caesar would have been good for Rome, but his premature death stunted the growth of what Rome could have been. Caesar would have never been killed if it weren’t for Brutus and his selfish ways. Brutus killed Caesar for personal reasons rather than for the emolument of Rome. Caesar was a good man that cared about Rome and did what he could for the people. The senators and Brutus were jealous that Caesar was so well liked. This envy lead to malice toward Caesar that ended with his downfall. How could someone that cared so much for the people of Rome have such ill intent

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