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Abstract Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon, a small country on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Its location in the Middle East positions it to be a link with the West, but also a site of political contention and instability. While the conditions of the city change, the café is consistently at the heart of a thriving social, cultural and political life. The café is a meeting place, an art gallery, a movie theatre, a music hall, a night club, a center for political activism, and a refuge for people to escape the daily pressures and tensions of life. In my thesis I argue that café culture in Beirut is a vibrant and necessary component of civil society. The café culture survived hundreds of years of social, political and economic changes, from the time that Beirut was a vilayet of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century until today. In the first chapter I explain the history of cafés in the Arab world. In the second chapter I discuss the modern café culture in Beirut (1940-1975), which grew out of the city 's economic boom that was largely created by regional political factors. In the third chapter I touch on the destructive effects of the Lebanese civil war (1975‐1990) on civilian life and café culture, and I describe contemporary cafés and their supportive role in the reconstruction of civil society. The influx of international corporate cafés into Beirut 's neighborhoods leads some to argue that café culture in Beirut is dying. This paper, however, shows that café culture

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