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How many of you drink coffee every day? When of you can consider yourself caffeine addicts? According to the research, 68 million Filipinos drinks at least 3cups of coffee every day and what’s more, half of those still drinks 6cups of coffee. Many of us like to think that we know all about caffeine and what it does to us but the truth is most Filipinos during the dark about caffeine and its effect and considering the fact that most of us nuzzled down huge quantities of the drug every single day. This is a bit disturbing.
Today, I will tell you all about caffeine and what it actually does to the human body. First will sit back some facts about how caffeine is harmful of the body and ill pour you some knowledge as hoe caffeine actually benefit you and finally will top it off by looking at what are considered safe levels of caffeine usage. By the end of this speech, I hope you’ll be more
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My mom always said not to drink coffee because it will stunt your growth. But doctors had proven that caffeine indeed does not stunt your growth is also well known that caffeine can have negative effects on your bid. Caffeine by nature increases once heart rate although caffeine does necessarily cause heart disease it does temporarily race once heart rate and blood pressure. So, in a very long periods of time can led to heart and blood pressure problems, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine or have blood pressure issues you may want to avoid it. An excessive caffeine intake is associated will high levels of cortisol a stress hormone that impacts the weight of the body stores fat just like stress in a lack of sleep is also associated with cortisol this can cause a person to become more over weigh so caffeine can indeed cause obesity problems caffeine can also directly upsets your stomach when ingested caffeine increases stomach acids which can turn can cause everything from heartburns tor

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