Caged Bird Sings: A Literary Analysis

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The incidents with Aunt Helen, along with the experiences of other characters in the book, allow for a comparison to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. In this biography, Angelou’s experience with rape and sexual abuse plays a large role in the rest of her life. It impacts her choices, her emotions, and her general experience of life and its challenges (Angelou, 2009). In contrast, Charlie blocks his encounters with sexual abuse to the point of not even remembering that they happened (Chboksy, 1999). In the same book, Sam goes through similar experiences and again reacts differently. She does not shy away from the physical contact, instead, it seems at the time as if she gravitates toward it. Each of these characters shows the uniqueness of each sexual assault case and the impact it has on the victims (Chbosky, 1999). With the intense themes of the book, many people are sure to find a controversy with it. The book deals with themes such as drugs, rape, and abusive relationships. A reader can open the book to any page and be within a few pages of drug use. Not only is it in abundance but, drugs are often found on a pedestal. The drugs and alcohol are used by Charlie as an escape as well to fit in. He does them to make friends at his first high school party and to stop his cousins from nagging him (Chbosky, 1999). Rape and abusive relationships are also common themes in the book and common reasons why a book is…show more content…
It makes struggles seem more real and gives people a relatable character. It is not relevant that the book is fiction Chbosky makes it so real that any person who has gone through any form of struggle can relate to it. Even if a person has not gone through all the traumas mentioned in the book it is written in such a way that it is still relatable. It is important for everyone to read this book because it creates empathy instead of hatred and skepticism. It should go to the top to any reading
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