Caged Bird Sings Book Report

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The movie that I chose was Malcolm X and the book I chose was I know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I chose these two pieces because I feel that I can relate them to Race the best. Race has a big part in both of these, mostly it was about the relationship between white and black people and how it affected each of their lives. In Malcolm X the big problem was the racism that occurred between whites and blacks. After Malcolm went to prison and was released he found faith and became part of the Muslim community. During the time period that these event took place white people did not like blacks really at all and made it very difficult for people of the black community to survive and live. He took more of an aggressive approach to racial equality than some of his peers. Because of his approach to achieving equality some of the people that were part of his own community turned and did not like what he was doing and felt that he was making it worse for them and that he needed to go. In the end this eventually got him killed. So the reason that this is significant is because some members of the black community were so afraid or aware of what the white people might do if this continues that they killed one of their…show more content…
During this book she explains about how you were to never speak out of turn or negatively about a white person because that was something that you just didn 't do because everyone kind of turned their heads when a white person mistreated or abused or hurt a black person. I think that this book offered the other side than what Malcolm X did. This book offered the view of what the people in the black community had to do to get by and survive without punishment or being abused from the whites. Whereas in Malcolm X it showed more about how they were trying to gain racial equality and to be able to be treated better as people and to not have a label of black
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