Cairo Fuentes: A Case Study

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Jorge Felix Cairo Fuentes, advised he is the father of Yusel Cairo Ceballos, (Driver 1). Cairo Fuentes said he was called by Gabilla and told Yusel had been in a crash. Cairo Fuentes related Yusel worked for a lawn maintenance company, but did not know the name of the company. Cairo Fuentes said Yusel worked on Saturday from 0700-1800 hours. Cairo Fuentes said Yusel was very good about getting rest on the days he worked, but did not know what time he went to sleep Saturday night. Cairo Fuentes advised he told Yusel, “You’ve been working hard all week, so go out and chill.” Cairo Fuentes said Yusel left around 2100-2130 hours. Cairo Fuentes did not know where Yusel was going when he left. Cairo Fuentes did advise when he was going to
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