Caitlin Flanagan Cultivating Failure Summary

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Caitlin Flanagan 's piece “Cultivating Failure” appeared in the Atlantic 's January/ February 2010 issue. The Edible schoolyard program teaches students to grow food. Instead, Flanagan is trying to persuade the reader that having school gardens will help students in school.It also talks about “ A Garden In Every School’(420) She added this quote, because she thinks adding a garden to every school could improve graduation rates. She continues to explain both sides of adding a garden to school properties.

Flanagan starts by describing in her article “ the dream of a better life” (418) is coming to the United States Of America. She explains how many Hispanic men have children in the United States, so now that child “was made a citizen of this great country’ (418). Several
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Flanagan mentions two types of schools. She is saying in her article that African Americans and Hispanics don’t do so well in normal schools. She explains, “At a gradualness charter school called Cal prep, where 92 percent of the students are black or latino” (421). Flanagan creates her own negative ethos because she thinks having gardens at school would only make students improve in academics.

Flanagan explains in her article, “ American kids are fatter and sicker than ever.” Building gardens at each school will not only improve student 's attendance but will help them eat better. Not everybody agrees with putting gardens in each school the real question is, “what are you doing to prepare these kids for college?”(423) Building gardens in school can be a good thing or a negative thing. Flanagan is trying to make it seem that building gardens in school would make kids graduate high
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