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Caitlyn Nelson is 12 years old and obviously goes to Miller Middle School as a 7th grader. She has been doing many activities for the past years (which I would never be able to do) including Cosplay, dancing, etc. Caitlyn has the perfect, even dream model body which makes her a perfect fit for Cosplay. Her long legs also make her a perfect fit for dance and even modeling. I interviewed Caitlyn and here’s what I found out about her:

Cosplay?! Caitlyn has been doing Cosplay for 2 years and enjoys it very much. Cosplay is a practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. She specifically cosplays as Chun Li from Street Fighter, Mandalorian from Star Wars and Mako from Kill la Kill just to name a few.
Dancer/Photographer/Writer Caitlyn has been doing dance for 11 years and recently made the Miller dance team. She hopes to become a professional photographer,
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She also said that she would get rid of Obama care because most insurances don’t take it, making it a waste of money.
Favorite Thing About FAMMS Caitlyn’s favorite part about being a student here at FAMMS is her new friends. She likes how this school has good teachers that will give her a good education. Caitlyn really likes FAMMS and is glad that she goes here.
First Day Of School When Caitlyn first came to school here at FAMMS, she had a rush of excitement and nervousness. Also known as nervous-cited. Caitlyn was super excited to meet people and make new friends. She is super kind, so I bet that wasn’t a problem for her.
An Accomplishment Caitlyn loves to dance. Obviously because she has been doing it for 11 years. She says her proudest accomplishment is that she made the Miller dance team, which if you didn’t know is super hard to get into. Which is why it’s her proudest
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