Cal Thomas And Brandon King Analysis

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The American Dream was once the idea of being able to come from poverty and take that and create something from nothing making a better life for one’s family than had in the past. In the book They Say, I say With Readings Cal Thomas and Brandon King have both written papers discussing the topic of the American dream each author using a different angle to exploit their views on the topic. This paper will analyze both author’s texts, creating three different points made by each and comparing them. The first point will be on the American Dream and how it is portrayed in both texts. The second point will cover any texts used in the essays in comparison to the other paper and how those writings improve the author’s argument. Then the third point will discuss what each author says about the American dream today, if they believe it still exists, and why.
While using different choices of words from time to time, the American dream basically add up to the same meaning of equal opportunity and hard work. In the text by Cal Thomas he discuss’ what the American Dream means to him and that is “building a life on the foundational principles that created and have sustained America for more than 200
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Cal Thomas’s paper is not totally against the idea of the American dream dying but, works to explain why it is dying while Brandon King’s essay stresses that the American dream is more alive than ever and goes on to prove why. When comparing Cal Thomas’s writing to Brandon King’s writing three main points were used which were discussing the American dream in regards to each writer, the second point covered texts or outside writing used in each author’s paper, finally the third point went over each author’s views on the American dream today and what in their paper proved their
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