Calaculla Focus Questions

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1. Why does Celaena love music? Because music can break, heal and make everything seem possible and heroic. 2. Who is Sam? He was Celaena’s lover and friend. 3. Why can’t Celaena see Sam anymore? Because he died few years ago. 4. Where did Scythe spend years for his crimes? In the labor camps of Calaculla. 5. What is the second Test? The Champions have to climb the castle walls. 6. Why did Celaena jump from the wall? Because she wanted to save her friend Nox , who was falling to his death. 7. Who is the only Champion that continued to climb the wall? Cain 8. What is Celaena’s position in the final ranking? Celaena got the eighteenth place. 9. What happened to the Champion who didn’t show up for the Test? He died in a servant’s stairwell.

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