Calbrah Perry Accomplishments

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Matthew Calbrath Perry was born April 10th 1994 in Newport Rhode Island. He was the son of former captain Christopher R Perry and his brother commodore Oliver Perry. He started his midshipmen at the age of 16 and was on active duty on the U.S.S President in the war of 1812, and captain of the uss Mississippi during the Mexican American war. As America is gaining speed in the world. The date is July 8 1853 and his distinguished man is on a mission sent from President Millard Fillmore to negotiate a treaty before the emperor of japan. The mission is to open up trade with the nation for coal water and supplies for Americas expanding there sphere of influence in Shimoda and Hakedate and protection for ship wrecked sailors. This would prove to be extremely difficult but with his long and distinguished naval career he had the tools to navigate and find the country, the intelligence to intercept into the courts and for weeks negotiate and with the isolated country…show more content…
More than any other officer he believed strongly that innovation was key to success in the field. After being promoted to captain on the 9th of February 1837 he directly over saw the second American steam ship built the U.S.S Fulton. A side wheel steamer, the project was completed on December 13 1837 and went on to conduct missions in the Atlantic. Unfortunately this did not get that much press until on November 23 1838 a contest was created to test both the speed of the Fulton and the newly created steam ship the British H.M.S Great Western. The Fulton beat the Great Western in New York harbor. With that steam power has shown its worth now steam power Perry urged the Navy to build more like it. The Fulton would also be used to conduct experiments on new weapons technologies at sandy hook in New Jersey. Because of this he was dubbed “The Father of the Steam Navy”. This experience would help him delegate steam power logistics in the
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