Calbury's Case Study: Cadbury Worm Controverss

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Cadbury Worm Controversy

Case Study

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Harjai Gambhir
Komal Bindra
Sunaxee Narang

Cadbury began its operations in India in 1948, where today the company’s name has become synonymous with chocolate. Cadbury India (“Cadbury”) commands a 70% share in the Indian chocolate market, and is a significant player in the chocolate category. Thirty million bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars are bought every month. In June of 2003, Cadbury was the only multinational to be identified as one of India’s Best Managed Companies by Business Today, and Business World ranked Cadbury among the Best Workplaces in India. Cadbury’s strong relationship with its customers seemed unshakeable.
In addition to Cadbury’s success with Indian consumers, the company was effectively meeting expectations in a rapidly developing global economy in the early 2000s. Despite a slowdown in the fast-moving consumer
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The goal of Project Vishwas was to win back the confidence of the consumer.

a media conference was organized in Mumbai to launch the new packaging. This was followed with press conferences in cities worst affected by the crisis: Pune and Nagpur in Maharashtra and Cochin in Kerala. In these conferences, media persons were encouraged to compare the old and new packs with an innovative comparison kit and experience the significant changes in packaging first hand. An audio-visual message from Bachchan was beamed to build credibility and excitement .

Cadbury’s third major response included the implementation of a retail monitoring and education program to address storage problems. Distributors and shopkeepers were supported with posters and leaflets to help improve their storage conditions as well as share Cadbury’s point-of-view with their customers. Cadbury also distributed more metal dispensers and coolers to its

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