Calcium Pump Protein Analysis

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Proteins play a very important role in the human body. Our everyday lives are dependent on proteins functioning correctly. The human body contains many many proteins that must all work together perfectly or problems can occur. There are several different types of proteins also in the human body, but the one being focused on will be the Calcium Pump protein, which is located in mainly muscle cells (Klabunde, 2010). The calcium pump works by pumping calcium out of the cell (Klabunde, 2010). It is very important for for there not to be too much calcium inside the cell to ensure cell signaling functions correctly (Klabunde, 2010). The calcium pump, an important protein in the human body located in many muscle cells, seems to be a fairly simple functioning protein. The main idea is to…show more content…
The heart keeps everything flowing correctly in correlation with the brain. According to EJ Cartwright, calcium is the most important part of the heart, helping it contract and relax. Although, calcium regulation is another important factor to maintaining that the heart functions correctly. Having a large amount or a small amount can be the breaking point of whether the heart contracts or stops (Cartwright, 2005). Knowing this, the calcium pump is one of the most important parts of maintaining a constant regulation of calcium inside and out of the cells within the heart and within the body’s cells. The build up of calcium in the heart can be a bad thing, leading to several heart problems. There is medicine to stop the calcium pump from working improperly. This medicine works by reducing the rate of calcium exchange within the heart (Goodsell, 2009). Research has discovered that the human body produces this drug to help naturally regulate different pumps that are not working effectively or efficiently (Goodsell,

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