Calculating The Slope Lab Report

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Calculating the Slope
Slope = y2 - y1x2-x1 = 57.47 - 18.7460 - 20 = 38.7340 = 0.96825 g/mL
The density graph has been based off all the information in the chart above. All the specific volumes and masses were recorded in this graph, in order to help compare the two and see the difference. In addition to this, a trendline was added in order to calculate the slope of the line. The slope line is a representation of the change in density overtime. More specifically, it shows the change of value in the mass of the water per the change of volume. The equation used to calculate the slope was y2 - y1x2-x1 . The values of each were replaced with 57.47 - 18.7460 - 20 - the numerators are the corresponding mass to number located under (e.g. the mass
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Looking at this value, and comparing the experimentally determined values, the values do not exactly match up, but are close together, as the values are only 0.4 - 0.6 g/mL away from the value of 1 g/mL. One reason why the values may not match up is because of the amount of liquid used. Sometimes, the value of water poured into the graduated cylinder may not be equal to specific volume which was to be used. In order to improve that, making the water volume more precise may allow for more accurate results. Secondly, the type of water used may of affected the value. If we take a look at pure water, the value of it at room temperature is 0.99823 g/mL. If we use this water (by boiling it before hand), and confirming the density is equal to the accepted value, than it will increase the chance of being more accurate. Another reason as to why I suggest this is because tap water may have other substances or little things mixed, which may cause an inaccurate reading of the mass which will cause an error in density, so it is better to use pure water. Finally, temperature may play a big role in this as well.The accepted room temperature would the density of 1g/mL is 21°C. If the room temperature is measured, then it can be considered that there will be a change in density due to an increase or decrease in the average room

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