Calendar Method As A Natural Family Planning Method

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Calendar method is one of the safest and less expensive natural family planning methods used mostly by married couples. To provide a better understanding of the phenomenon, this study examined the experiences and perspectives of women in productive age using calendar method. It is effective if women know their fertile period in which they should not have sexual contact with their partners during ovulation to prevent and control unwanted pregnancy in a natural way. It can therefore be said that Calendar Method is more effective means for family planning than any other contraceptive methods because it decreases side effects to the body, less expensive and has more benefits.
This paper presents the discussion about calendar method as a natural family planning method. The first part provides a brief overview of family planning. The second mentions some factors in using family planning methods. The third cites the different methods of family planning; calendar method and oral contraceptive method. The final part presents interviews from different professional wives regarding their opinions and experiences about the subject. These add support to the claim that calendar method is more efficient than oral contraceptive.
Family Planning gives us informed choices about sexual and reproductive health. It implies the ability of individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births. Family planning is achieved through

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