Calendar Shift In The Philippines Essay

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The academic calendar shift has been a significant issue regarding the educational system in the Philippines. It proposes a new calendar which starts in August and ends in May. Definitely, many adjustments must be considered. Schools, colleges, and universities should also be prepared for all the possible positive and negative impact that will arise during the wholly implementation of the new school calendar. It is distinguished by Saloma (2014) that a good academic calendar plays a consequential role in delivering a qualitative information and knowledge that follows a time pattern.
Globalization is one of the reasons behind this calendar shift. Since Philippines is the remaining country who still regulate a June-March school calendar
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Consequently, our educational system is not widely recognized around the world. It becomes one of the criteria in distinguishing the sufficiency of the educational background of a person who graduated in that country. The alignment of academic calendar ensures a fuller participation of student in exchange programs. Hence, the new school calendar will align the Philippines to the school calendar unified by Southeast Asian higher education institutions that equalize all the opportunities to every individual regardless of their home country (Gonzales,…show more content…
Based on the survey conducted, the top three changes that might be regulated are the opening and closing of classes, semestral break allotment, and vacation. The typical school calendar which starts in June and ends in April will be altered to August to May calendar. It means that the opening of classes will be moved in August instead of June while the closing of classes will be in May rather than March. Semestral breaks will be combined with Christmas breaks. Furthermore, it is reported by Salano (2014) that for the first year of implementation there will be a five to six months period of vacation for all high school graduates. There is no summer vacation anymore; students will spend most of the days of summer inside the classroom instead of visiting resorts and
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