Calf Pain Research Paper

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The explosion of internet information has prompted a lot of 'cyberchondria ', which often means patients are worrying about symptoms that are frequently harmless," says Dr Steve Hambleton, president of the Australian Medical Association. "On the other hand, the internet can also cause the other problem, where people self-diagnose instead of going to talk to their doctor." We asked Australia 's leading medics to explain what the good (harmless), bad (may need medical attention) and ugly (serious) symptoms of common health problems may mean. Calf pain The good: Calf pain may be due to muscular strain or even referred pain from the back, hip or knee. The bad: "Calf pain can also be caused by underlying varicose veins," says vein Dr Adrian Lim. To ease the pain, don 't stand up or sit in the same position for long periods or sit with crossed legs. Avoid hot baths and stick your legs in a bucket of cold water instead. Also, it 's a good idea to invest in compression stockings or support…show more content…
"Rarely, these can be fatal and if you also have a cough or have difficulty breathing you may have a pulmonary embolism or blocked blood vessel in the lung. Go to your emergency ward immediately." Diarrhoea The good: Sometimes diarrhoea that is constant may be caused by anxiety or medications, especially antibiotics, so see your doctor to rule these out first. The bad: Lactose intolerance (where you lack the enzyme lactase in your intestine) or coeliac disease (a sensitivity to gluten, found in wheat and some other cereal grains). Other causes of diarrhoea include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), especially if there is cramping or other abdominal symptoms, says allergy and immunology specialist Dr Alex

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