Beardsley's Systems Theory

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Utilizing the systems theory allows the Beardsley’s to been seen as one entity versus individual people within the family structure (Wright & Leahey, 2013). The systems theory furthermore enables an outside perspective to view how specific health behaviors impact the family as a whole. In addition, by focusing on the family as a single unit, linear thinking is avoided (Wright & Leahey, 2013). An additional advantage of the systems theory is that attention to focused on observing the interaction among family members (Wright & Leahey, 2013) and often times assists health care providers to better understand how families stabilize and cope after a loved one experiences an illness or unforeseen crisis (Doherty, 1991), (as experienced by the Beardsley’s…show more content…
Part of the Calgary Family Assessment Model is to include an overview of the stages and the task and attachment that is important to each stage (Wright & Leahey, 2013). In addition, CFAM offers a framework to help organize large amounts of data about a family, and the 3 categories of family assessment include: structural, developmental, and functional components. The three aspects of family structure include multiple categories (i.e. internal, external, and context, all of which include subcategories). Based off this model, a family may be defined as who they say they are, as it is a social construct that is influenced by our history and any past…show more content…
88). The ecomap focuses on the current functioning of the family and environmental context, which NPs must take into consideration when planning appropriate interventions for a family. Knowing that the family doesn’t have a large amount of immediate family in the nearby area, I will need to identify suitable resources that are available in the local area to assist with meeting the needs of my chosen family. This will include finding affordable activities to partake in (i.e. town sponsored, or free local activities), and becoming creative with couponing/researching local food pantries, such as the Southbury Food Bank to assist with providing healthy meal options for my

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