California Academy Reflection

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Throughout my whole life, the California Academy of Sciences has served as a source of inspiration. I really appreciate how the Academy and its staff are extremely dedicated to science and try their absolute best to help educate and motivate the public. I also appreciate that the Academy frequently updates its exhibits to bring in fresh scientific material to keep the public interested. The Academy has also fueled my interest in science from a young age. I used to go to the old Academy in Golden Gate Park before it was renovated and I was fascinated by the dinosaur exhibits that were displayed. After I learned about dinosaurs at the Academy, I would read several books about dinosaurs and for a while, my dream job was to become a Paleontologist so I could further learn about dinosaurs. Even after the Academy moved Downtown, I would still go to the Academy when I could so I could learn about dinosaurs. By volunteering at the Academy, I wish to spark people 's interest in sciences.…show more content…
Our teacher split us up into groups and we had to make a presentation about the Middle Ages. The class was small and nobody really knew each other that well. The material was especially hard for most of us to understand because this was the very first AP class we had taken and we were not yet acclimated to the level of difficulty the class possessed. It took a long time for us to get used to the complex wording of the textbook, but eventually we were able to finish our presentation. Creating conference calls on skype was extremely useful because it allowed us to work on our presentation outside of school. This project was extremely rewarding not only in that we all got good grades, but also because we were able to overcome the challenge that the project presented us. I became very close friends with my group mates and I learned that working in a group can also create extremely strong
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